June 26, 27, 28, 2020


Please place a check mark next to your areas of interest and fill out your contact info below so that we may notify you as soon as possible about upcoming meetings and activities. The Committees will do their best to accommodate your areas of interest. ****Please note, specific assignments for work shifts will follow after committees are finalized. 

 Solicit Festival Sponsors
 Follow-Up Notes
 Solicit Festival Vendors
 Setup of Vendors During Festival
 Pre-Festival Setup
 Clean up during Festival Hours
 Post-Festival Clean Up
 Distribution of Flyers/Posters
 Booth Signage Setup
 Setup Ocean Twp. Signage
 Grocery Store
 Pre Festival Prep
 Salad & Food Prep
 Food Line Servers
 Bus Stop Supervision
 Parking Lot Supervision
 Inventory Management
 Solicit Inventory Donations
 Distribution of Inventory
 Pre Festival Prep
 Rotisserie Master
 Food Line Server
 Pre-Festival Baking
 Pre-Festival Prep
 Food Line Server
 Pastry Sales
 Tour Guides
 Pre Festival Prep
 Grill Master
 Food Line Server
 Ticket Sales/Cashier

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